The people of Chechnia have been held hostage of an economical, politic and religious influenced war for decades, one which has resulted in a number of civilians deaths that long became a shamefully discreet ongoing genocide, part of which has already been officially recognised by the European Parliament, that has led to legal actions regarding Russian’s aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide towards the Chechen people.

Chechnia’s citizens can only find peace and due protection through a process of free, United Nations monitored, elections after the international recognition of their independence, allowing Chechnia’s citizens to elect a representative government that can deal with the nation’s future and issues without the pressure of parties whose actions are in disagreement with the human rights, the nation’s right of self-determination and the citizens physical and cultural integrity.
Russian’s interests should be re-talked in an internationally law abiding context and the Chechen nation sovereignty status should be rethought from the perspective of their citizens and within the European and United Nations principles that value the human life, free speech and nation’s self-determination right, in due respect of the agreement with the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin in 12 May 1997.


European petition for Chechnia’s independence recognition: